Bangkok Notary


Most of the people visiting and living in Bangkok at some point would need a notarised service. For such people, Doctor Solomon Legal Consultants have opened a new path. Of course, we are offering reasonably priced notary service for our esteemed customers. Our Bangkok Notary services are performed well by the team of licensed Thai attorneys and hence it is performed by numerous verifications tasks as well. We tend to administer oaths, certify signatures, testimonies, depositions, record notarial protests, certify affidavits and many others. Some of the sample documents which are notarized commonly includes of bank statements, passports, power of attorney, contracts, land title deeds, applications for the international visa and many others.

Our Bangkok Notary services are performed in effective manner and it is licensed by the law society of Thailand. Some of our notary services includes of legalization of documents, power of attorney, authentication of deeds, witnessing contracts, Notarial certifications, verification of documents related to the business contracts, acquisitions and property and certification of translations. Our notary tends to meet our customers at their residence or business premises at their own pace anywhere around Bangkok. Our highly experienced attorney will tend to guide you and assist you all over the processes in the well approachable and professional manner.

We offer you the quote in advance, so there is no hidden surprises. We strive hard to earn success for your legal matters in efficient and quick manner. We perform all the tasks in best possible manner to earn the satisfaction of the customers. if your documents has to be authenticated or legalized at embassy or consular in Bangkok then our notary will assist you to do it on your behalf. You need not to worry for any legal issues. Our lawyers have undergone professional training course to become a successful Notarial Services Attorney in the Thailand.