Thai Lawyer and Notary


A Notary Lawyer in Thailand attests and certifies documents, witness signatures, and more. There is no official Notary Public in Thailand. But there are certain lawyers who are licensed by the Lawyer Council of Thailand.

Generally, people need notarised documents which need to be submitted to courts, foreign embassies, and institutions. In Thailand, people acquire Notary services from licensed Notary Lawyers. Further, people who are new to Thailand need English-speaking lawyers.

Duties of a Notary Lawyer

The state government of Thailand acknowledges qualified lawyers to carry out notary services. There are a wide range of services to be included in the notarisation. Notary lawyers are often required to communicate in English to assist foreigners. Duties of a Notary Lawyer include authentication of documents, notarisation of translated certificates and documents, administering oaths, witnessing signatures, etc. A notarised document acts as strong proof of evidence in government and private sectors and the courts.

What do we do?

Doctor Solomon Legal Consultants has several lawyers who are permitted by the Thai Lawyer Council to perform notary services. We provide excellent and flawless notary services in Bangkok, Nong Khai, Udon Thani, and Udom Suk. Moreover, we have English-speaking lawyers. They help people from other countries to sort out their immigration procedures and more. Hence, people will not find it difficult to find a professional English-speaking notary lawyer in Thailand.

Our Notary Lawyers in Thailand are experienced and well-versed in offering professional legal and notary services. Most people are often confused about the legal and notary procedures of Thai law. But that is not the case with our clients. Lawyers of Doctor Solomon Legal Consultants guide our clients and walk them through the step-by-step process. This gives them a clear picture of how things work in Thai law.

Where Do You Need Notary Services?

Every official business can ask for notarised documents. For instance, if you would like to continue your higher studies abroad, you are required to produce some of your documents. It includes academic certificates and other personal documents like passports to be verified and authorised. This procedure is applicable for immigration, judicial purposes, overseas business proposals, and more.

Which Documents Need Certification?

Doctor Solomon Notary Lawyers in Thailand offer notarisation for both personal and business documents. Our experts come across all sorts of agreements and documents. Some of the frequently authorised documents are:

Approach Us for Accuracy!

For excellent legal and notary services, reach out to our English-speaking Thai lawyers at Doctor Solomon Legal Consultants. No matter what your issue is, our lawyers are ready to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us.